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SiltSoxx 8″ x 10′ Gr-Blk


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Filtrexx® SiltSoxx™ is the premier Soxx™ for check dam applications. They are generally used in ditches, channels and swales to protect specific areas by slowing concentrated stormwater flow velocity, reducing bed erosion and filtering sediment, pollutants and other particles. Check dams are highly effective at reducing flow velocities, simple to construct and require very low maintenance. A superior alternative to silt fence and other rock or concrete dam systems.

Filtrexx® Soxx™ technology is an ideal solution to filter runoff water around a storm drain drop or curb inlet. Our products help prevent sediment, debris and other particles from entering any storm drainage system. Water temporarily ponds behind the inlet protection— SiltSoxx — which allows deposition of suspended solids. Sediment and soluble pollutants — e.g. phosphorus and petroleum hydrocarbons — are filtered from runoff water as it passes through the organic structure.


Drainage ditches Around drain inlets
Small channels in front of curb inlets
Swales As curb sediment containment system
Around storm drain systems
Receiving channels

Additional information:

Dimensions – 8 x 10

Weight 130 lbs
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