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Husky Filter Pan


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The only spill pan designed specifically for containing and cleaning up persistent leaks and drips in the outdoors. The Husky pan has the added dimension of sidewalls. Slits in the base of the pan are large enough to allow clean water to flow out, while our SpilltrationĀ® fibers prevent oils or fuels from escaping. Husky Pad inserts help to prolong the life of the pan while giving added absorption.
Capture up to 1.5 Gallons of Dripping Oil
Three Super-Thick Layers Of Oil Filtration Protection.
Doesn’t Fill up with Rain Water
Every time it rains, MicroFilter weep holes allow clean water to trickle through.
Calculate how long your Husky Filter Pan will Last

  1. Grab a stopwatch or use your phone.
  2. Select the oil leak you ant to measure.
  3. Count the number of drops per minute.

Based on the number of drops per minute, use the table above to gauge how long until filter pad change out.
WARNING: The speed of drips will vary with seasonal temperatures. The best practice is to check once every 90 days

Weight 2 lbs
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