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FlexStorm Catch-it Lite Filters 24 x 24


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FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT Inlet Filters—the temporary and reusable solution.

The FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT system is the preferred choice for temporary inlet protection and stormwater runoff control. FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT Inlet Filters will fit any drainage structure and are equipped with high-efficiency filter bags. Whether you’re the specifier or the user, it’s clear to see how FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT Inlet Filters outperform the competition


  • Configurable: steel frames configured and guaranteed to fit ANY storm drainage structure
  • Adjustable: although shipped to fit your inlet, rectangular framing may be field adjusted in 1/2” increments if necessary
  • Reusable: galvanized framing will last year after year in harsh conditions, while geotextile filter bags are easily replaced after several years of use
  • Effective: works below grade; overflow feature allows streets to drain with a full bag; third-party testing results of the FX filter bag show 82%
  • Affordable: low per-unit cost; installs in seconds; easily maintained with Universal Removal Tool (no machinery required)


  • Reduce job site flooding and keep projects running
  • Minimize residential complaints with cleaner, dryer streets during all construction phases
  • Significantly reduce cleanup costs
  • Prevent siltation and pollution of rivers, lakes, and ponds
  • Lowest cost alternative for the highest level of Inlet Protection
Weight 8 lbs
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