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Cervelliere – Spill Kit 5 Gallon


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Oil Only

Quick Response is Key

Spills happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Forklifts knock over drums, tanks are punctured and transporters leak and drip. It is important to have the right sorbents on-hand when these spills occur to eliminate the slip-and-fall hazard. A quick response is the first order of business — and your best weapon — in the fight against spills.


The Sorbents You Need Are All Inside
Includes a variety of sorbents to handle spills of oil and other petroleum-based fluids — while repelling water; pre-packed in a UN- and DOT-approved 5-Gallon container. Self-contained Kit stores sorbent products for easy access as needed for spill control; saves time when quick response is necessary. Screw-top lid with gasket and built-in torque handle provides sealed and secure closure to protect sorbents from moisture, dirt and damage. Rust- and corrosion-free 100% polyethylene is durable to withstand rough handling.

Additional information:


Dimensions – 69 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 3 1/4

Weight – 5 lbs.

Contents of the Spill Kit:

Qty              Pkg             Description                                                                Size
10               Each            White Heavy Weight Oil-Only Defender™ Pads        15″ x 19″
2                 Each            White Oil-Only Sorbent Socks                                   3″ x 4″
1                 Pair              Nitrile Gloves                                                             One Size
1                 Pair              Safety Goggles                                                          One Size
2                 Each            Yellow Temporary Disposal Bags & Ties                    18″ x 30″
6                 Each            Tamper Proof Seals                                                     6″ x 2″
1                 Each            Vinyl Spill Kit Label                                                     3″ x 5″
1                 Each            White Gallon Overpack                                              12″ dia. x 16.75″ with screw top lid (UN 1H2/Y1.5/30)

Weight 8 lbs
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