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COVID-19 Protocols

Any construction project meeting any of the following specifications is subject to this Large Construction Project Safety Protocol (“LCP Protocol”), including public works projects unless otherwise specified by the Health Officer

  1.  For residential construction projects, any single-family, multi-family, senior, student, or other residential construction, renovation, or remodel project consisting of more than 10 units.
  2.  For commercial construction projects, any construction, renovation, or tenant improvement project consisting of more than 20,000 square feet of floor area.
  3.  For construction of Essential Infrastructure, as defined in section 16.c of the Order, any project that requires five or more workers at the jobsite at any one time.

General Contractors must assign a COVID-19 Third-Party Jobsite Safety Accountability Supervisor (JSAS) for the jobsite, who at a minimum holds an OSHA-30 certificate and first-aid training within the past two years, who must be trained in the protocols herein and verify compliance, including by visual inspection and random interviews with workers, with this LCP Protocol.

Within seven calendar days of each jobsite visit, the JSAS must complete a written assessment identifying any failure to comply with this LCP Protocol. The written assessment must be copied, stored, and, upon request by the County, sent to a designated County official. ii. If the JSAS discovers that a jobsite is not in compliance with this LCP Protocol, the JSAS must work with the SCO to develop and implement a remediation plan.

The JSAS must coordinate with the SCO to prohibit continuation of any work activity not in compliance with rules stated herein until addressed and the continuing work is compliant.

The remediation plan must be sent to a designated County official within five calendar days of the JSAS’s discovery of the failure to comply.
In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at any jobsite, the following must take place:

Immediately remove the infected individual from the jobsite with directions to seek medical care.

Each location the infected worker was at must be decontaminated and sanitized by an outside vendor certified in hazmat clean ups, and work in these locations must cease until decontamination and sanitization is complete.

The County Public Health Department must be notified immediately and any additional requirements per the County health officials must be completed, including full compliance with any tracing efforts by the County.

We have developed a program to meet all the requirements of the County Health Office LCP Protocols.

For more information contact Neil Trenerry @ 925-752-4843