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Cal/OSHA Safety Compliance

The following is a description of the Services we offer:

SAFETY MANUAL Provide client with a customized Injury and Illness Prevention Program Manual covering all CAL/OSHA regulatory requirements. Included in the package is our customized “Codes of Safe Practices” poster.

JOBSITE EVALUATIONS Our Risk Consultants will go on to the job site and review the safety issues and will work with your Superintendent on the job site to correct safety concerns which will help keep your job sites safe and help to protect your liability. We will stop any unsafe act and advise Sub-Contractors, with your approval, to comply with the OSHA multiple-employer Worksite law. This is a major factor in protecting Clients from an OSHA violation. Upon completing our job site evolution we will complete our job site audit review and discuss the evaluation with the Superintendent.

OSHA OFFICE VISIT You have the option of electing for one of our Risk Consultant’s to accompany your representative to the OSHA office meeting/conference.

ACCIDENT/INCIDENT INVESTIGATION Our Risk Consultants will investigate all incidents, whether a near miss or an actual injury-related event. Near miss reporting and investigation allow our Risk Consultants to identify and control hazards before they cause a more serious incident. Accident/incident investigations are a tool for our Risk Consultants to uncovering hazards that have managed to slip out of the controls planned for them.